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2006-05-25 16:16

E-Games Contest

About: Development of online and mobile games for youth work.

Organizers: Consortium of Europe-wide youth organizations and centers in the frame of E-games initiative.

Topics: human rights, intercultural learning, youth project management, youth information etc. More information about preferred topics is attached. The applications preferred are covering the attached categories but are not limited to them only.

Aim: The aim of the proposed games should be to provide modern training tools and examples for youth trainers and organizers of youth events and to provocative exploration of important topics in the youth work like human rights, intercultural learning, youth project management etc. All the produced games will be distributed for free in the youth centers and youth organizations;

Format: The proposed games should be suitable for online (play in browser) usage or for mobile devices (mobile phones, Pocket PCs etc.). A standalone download not exceeding 5 MB is also possible. The games should be with simple scenarios but should have clear educational objective;

Authors copyrights requirement: The games must be either author development or adapted copyrights-free games; All the used texts, graphics, sounds, animations must be owned by the author or secured against copyrights; The organizers will have the right to use free of charge all the proposed games/applications in the E-games project materials (which will be distributed for free in youth organizations and youth centers);

Good practice requirements: The games should be free of any non-authorized usage of computer resources and should not include illegal content.

Awards: In each topic category, the organizers should award up to 3 entries (total up to 12 prizes). The 1st place winner will be invited to attend one international conference/seminar in the frame of the E-games initiative and will receive 500 euro plus diploma; the second place will receive 200 euro plus diploma and the third place will receive organizers certificate; Each of the 3 winners in each of the categories will be include in the printed materials of the E-games initiative and will receive a copy of the produced training materials;

Awards presentation: The winners will be invited during Computer Space forum in November 2006.

Application procedure: Each author could submit up to 3 entries to the Computer Space address, by post or by e-mail; Young authors or youth teams (up to 30 years old) will be encouraged to participate; You have to register your project in offline or online multimedia categories depending on the project format.

Send a CD or www address of the game and: 1/ Author (s) or owners name and address; 2/ Short game description; 3/ Photo of the author or screenshot of the game;

Deadline for receiving the application: Computer Space categories deadline.



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